Friday, October 15, 2010

Vancouver Specials: Half Mittens you can make in a weekend

Here is a pattern for a pair of half mittens you can make in a very short time.  When I test knit the pattern, I started in the afternoon, and finished them by the end of the day.  I am a fairly fast, but not crazy fast knitter -- so trust me, the timing may very well be the same for you. Think about it, you are using size 5mm needles and thick yarn.- 24 -28 stitches, 14 rounds can make the cuff, 10 rounds to the thumb, and another 14 or so rounds until you cast off.  The thumbs themselves take about 15 minutes to knit up, because you have to focus and think about what you are doing, ie. picking up stitches. 

I named these half-mittens "Vancouver Specials" after the architectural housing style that evolved in Vancouver in the late 60's to 80's. When we moved here in 1994, all I had for winter wear was lovely warm mittens from life in Northern Ontario. I spent more time taking them off and fanning my sweating hands, than I did wearing them, so I decided to make a different kind.  I liked those fingerless glove patterns, but after making one pair of those I wondered why I was spending so much time on each finger. . . . what if I just made a pair of mittens and then stopped before the decreasing at the top?  Magic.  A comfortable, funky looking, easy to make and lovely to wear item that warmed my hands just the amount needed. 

Here's the link to the pattern.  Good luck with it and let me know how it turns out.

I want to thank my sister Laura for desktopping this pattern and making it look so good on paper.  And also to thank my reluctant model -- youngest daughter Georgia Rose.

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