Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Winter Games Challenge continued

I have been making good progress on these socks. It has been a creative marathon.

The challenge is that the pattern is for a mid-length sock and my friendship wants knee-high lace socks. Hence the challenge to

a) figure out a way to increase the number of stitches so it can grow around the calf

b) do this in a way that it grows beautifully and naturally out of the already established pattern AND

c) execute it twice.

When I first imagined doing this I thought I would simply increase the number of purl stitches in the purl ditches separating the lace columns. But I didn't like that look and besides, I wanted all the increasing to happen at the back of the leg.

So this is what I did - as I approached the bottom of the calf, I went up a needle size from 2.75 mm to 3 mm. Then I "grew" another column of lace stitches out of the purl ditch on either side of the central lace column at the back of the leg. After knitting 1.5 inches, I increased another 4 stitches in the purl ditches at the back of the leg.

Total increase - 14 stitches. And I think the look is just fine. (When fully complete, I'll take photos of them on so you can see the effect.) As I get near the top of the sock, before I start the edging rib stitches, I have decreased the four purl increases. I will decrease another five to bring it to 70 stitches. Then using 2.75 mm needles again, I will knit 2 inches of 1 x 1 rib, cast off loosely and call it a day.

I've been knitting these socks in tandem so I could make the necessary pattern modifications and still end up with matching socks.

Sock #1 is waiting for me to start the 1 x 1 rib.

Sock #2 is still being knit in pattern with all the increases in. I have two more pattern repeats and then the decreases, and then the 1 x 1 rib.

I am planning to finish these up as I watch several episodes of Lidia's Italy .

Here's a snapshot of the two columns of lace increases across the back.

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