Sunday, November 28, 2010

Green Yarn Photo Shoot

More photos of the green yarn -- two skeins plied up so far, probably another one, maybe two more to come. The photo below is the yarn, freshly plied, loaded onto the niddy-noddy, the tool that helps you make 2 yard skeins.

The next step is to wash the yarn to help all the fibres relax and bloom.  Here's the yarn going into a hot soapy bath, where they will soak for about five minutes.

Here's the finished skeins.  This is a photo with no flash; the colours are off, but you can see the texture much better than in the photo below.  In the photo below, the colours you see here are right on the mark with the actual colours, but the flash washes out the texture and puts way too much sheen on the yarn.

This is a pretty decent amount of yarn and, as noted earlier, there are probably two more skeins to come.  Now, what to do with this yarn?  I was going to make some socks, still might, but with this much yarn, all looking the same, I could dream up a much larger project. 

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