Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Knitting ADD

And I don't in any way mean to offend anyone struggling with Attention Deficit Disorder, it's just that I am starting to see indications of it in my own fibre arts life.

After the rush and focus of gettting all the stuff made for the guild sale, my knitting/creating brain exploded.  Since last Saturday, when the stuff went out the door and the game was over, I have started 6, yes, SIX knitting projects. 

1. Easy First Socks/Bed Socks for my mom  done
2. Fan and Feather Lace scarf in Pink/Blues Merino [okay, it's just a swatch, but it still isn't done!]
3. Fan and Feather Lace scarf in Autumnal Colours - Merino  completed January 13, 2011
4. Coin Lace 1/2 mittens for Melinda - merino/alpaca done
5. Coin Lace 1/2 mittens for Judy C - merino/silk ripped it out, started again with another yarn
6. Cable scarf in chunky weight for GR  done - November 14, also added a pair of red alpaca mitts to that.

I keep starting things because my brain is just exploding with curiosity about yarns, yarn weights, patterns and the way colours blend.  I am also trying to write patterns to accompany the things that I am making these days.  So I knit, and while I am designing/sorting it out, I also write it down.  Then I have to do it again, so I can test knit the pattern I've written.  So it's all fun, at least is it for me.

But it is keeping me from my real task, which is to find some new sources of local fibre because the cupboards bare!

Will have updates on that quest and photos of finished objects -- soon.

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