Saturday, April 16, 2011

Studio Clean Up Complete - "Everything in its Place"

It really didn't take that long.  It was mostly a superficial mess.  The stuff filling up the space fell into two clear categories:

  1. Stuff that didn't have a place -- i.e. new fibres I have brought into the house and haven't yet figured out where I am going to stash them.
  2. Stuff that was out of its place -- tools, equipment, papers, odds and sods from the demo and workshop.

So that old saying, "A place for everything and everything in its place" however irritating it may be for some to hear, is an excellent guide when tidying up a room. And here is what it looks like now.  Notice the abundancy of space on the floor and clear space on table surfaces.  Now there is hope that some projects can get started/worked on/completed.

I needed more space to store things, so I removed all the books from the bookshelf -- filling a shelf in the hallway.  Seems a little counter-intuitive to remove books from a bookshelf, but they were books, binders and reports related to my work in adult literacy.  Frankly, they were taking up valuable real estate so out of the studio they went.  Now that space is devoted to things I need handy, but don't want hanging around on the work tables -- the lazy kate, scale, ball winder and fibre in the spinning queue.

The underside of tables are great places to store bins, boxes and sewing machines.  Again, things that you want to know about -- at a glance -- but don't want getting in the way. The trick is to label things so you don't have to go digging about several bins to find that one bag of blue romney.

Here's the view from the doorway.  Space to move around in.  Supplies neatly sorted within arm's reach.  Clear work tables.  This is truly a space where things can happen.

Off to play!


  1. There once was a knitter with stuff,
    Needles, yarns, spindles, looms, fibre fluff,
    A studio replete,
    It was work to keep neat,
    Because plenty is not quite enough.

  2. Diana - I feel totally stupid. I've only just NOW realised that this 100 Mile Wear is YOU. I thought you were posting something from someone you knew. I didn't realise. I knew you knitted but did not know you were in to spinning and dying etc. I love your upright spinning wheel. I have a loom somewhere, but have not done anything with it for years.. Sarah