Sunday, May 27, 2012

More photos from workshop in Tlell

This truly is a beautiful part of the world. I took this photo on Saturday morning at about 7am.  The skies were grey, there was a strong wind, and rough seas.  Something about standing on a shoreline with waves crashing in, soothes my soul.  Maybe it's all the negative ions in the air.

This lovely gal is Elizabeth's horse, I can't remember her name.  She's an absolute flirt. Will run right up to the fence line to say hi, and just as you're getting ready to take a photo, she coyly turns around.  I was ready for her this time, and got this shot of her on my way back to the guesthouse.

These are newly dyed silk caps drying on my back porch.  I did this low-tech space dying and steamed them in roll-ups.  Silk loves dye so you don't need too much effort to get a lovely result like above.  Each cap has several layers that get peeled apart and stretched out before spinning.  The multiple colours adds to the spinning pleasure.

Here is my present fleet of spindles.  Most of the ones along the top row are mine, the bottom row and a few on top are the unsold ones.  They will all sell before the summer is out; I am sure of that.  If you want to buy one, just let me know.

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