Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spinning in Haida Gwaii

I've been pretty quiet this last while, using every spare moment I have to get materials organized and myself prepared.  For what you ask?  On Friday, I'm flying up to Haida Gwaii to teach a two-day spinning workshop in Tlell. 

I was there in April 2010 teaching a writing workshop, and because I had extra time, we decided to add a drop spinning workshop to my trip.  It was a hit and I've been striving to find a way back ever since. 

Saturday from 9am - 5pm, I'll be teaching a Beginning Spinning workshop -- using the drop or suspended spindle.  In the evening, we are hosting a Spin-In for all the workshop participants and other fibre enthusiasts who may want to join in.  On Sunday, I'll be teaching an Advanced Spinning workshop -- doing more advanced techniques and playing around with more fibres, making blends and such.

Yesterday I picked up the Houndesign spindles, specially made for these workshops.  I'm packing 35 Henry's Dervish and 15 Lace weight spindles.  They are so beautiful I scarcely want to part with them.  I'm also in the final stages of organizing all the materials -- four different kinds of wool; mohair; alpaca; llama; tussah silk; silk caps; merino/cashmere blends; soya silk and casein (a silky fibre made from the proteins in milk!)

The challenge is to try to pack it all into 2 checked bags and one carry on.  The spindles themselves take an entire box.  All this fibre has to go into my large suitcase and medium carry on.  Thankfully fibre packs down pretty well.

I need to start now just so I can be sure that I'm not forgetting something critical for the workshops. I'll keep you posted on my packing progress -- now back to more fibre preparation.


  1. How exciting for you to be doing this workshop. Have lots of fun getting ready. I know you won't forget anything at all.

  2. Wow - this sounds fantastic! Have a wonderful workshop!