Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year

I know it's a bit far into the new year to be wishing good tidings, but I've been busy lately.  I've been re-organizing/reclaiming my studio/workshop since the young lad has left.  Yes, the holiday season is over, he's back at work in Northern Alberta, and I can have my space back.

I did have these dreams, weeks ago, that over my Christmas holidays I would make yards and yards of yarn and card up pounds of interesting fibre blends.  I've done nothing of the sort.  Instead:

  • I cleaned and then decorated the house.
  • I baked three kinds of cookies, several breads and four Tourtiere.
  • I shopped, worried and wrapped presents.
  • I wrote cards and sent packages back east.
  • I sang carols with my youngest daughter night after night.
  • I put up outdoor Christmas lights.
  • I listened to Gift of the Magi by O. Henry on the radio one night and was reminded of the beauty of giving and the true nature of love.
  • I knit some last minute gifts for new folks at the table.
It was a nicely hectic time.  Hardly relaxing though. 

I spent the last week reorganizing my workspace. And now it's ready for me and I am ready for it.

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