Sunday, January 23, 2011

Progress Report on the Claudia Skirt: 52% complete

I mentioned in an earlier posting that I was fascinated by the Claudia Skirt by Ruth Sorensen.  I think I already 'fessed up to abandoning any hope of designing my own skirt pattern and purchasing the pattern because my obsession with the skirt was far, far greater than my design skills. I didn't know this, but when you buy a pattern from Ravelry -- or maybe anywhere online, you get it the next second.  Talk about consumer gratification. I wanted to knit it up as soon as possible, so the idea of using my own handspun was quickly replaced by the fact that I had some very nice left over yarn looking for a project.

A few summers ago I made myself the Adara Rainbow Shawl, buying the kit from Elann.  I was an easy knit and it's an amazingly versatile shawl.  It's great in the summer, dresses me up nicely for work, and can be used as a scarf in the winter.  Every time I wear it I get compliments from complete strangers.  The shawl used about 20g of each of the 12-50gram balls, so I have a lot left over. 

Hence, the fit.  A skirt I want to start knitting, lots of yarn made from fibres that have good drape necessary for a skirt.  It's a bit thicker than the yarn used in the pattern, but with quick swatching and calculations I figured I could make it just fine, if I used a pattern size down from my regular size.

Here it is so far:

I am 1cm away from beginning the eyelet pattern -- and no, my waist is not that slim, never has been and certainly isn't now.  It will get blocked and stretched, but a quick check already shows that it's on it's way to a good fit. 

Once you hit the eyelet pattern, there are many more increases making it a nice A-line shape.  In the box is the yarn I have left.  I don't think I will have enough to get me right to the end, so I will have to order a few balls more from  They are terrific and fast, so no worries there.

Stay tuned, I have a lot of commuting to do next week, hence a lot of knitting time.

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